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Couronne Bordelaise ~ Bordeaux Style Crown Sourdough Bread

I'm still in my baking frenzy! Tempted to do this bread while trying to finishing out my Short Fermentation Starter before starting the Sourdough Starter from scratch.

I realised that one of the boule was without the triangle..oops..quick action and voila..
No special equipment needed for this couronne, i just used a large salad plate with inverted bowl and cover it with the kitchen towel.

Couronne Bordelais, a crown shaped bread that normally made with white all purpose flour. But for this recipe, I made with half whole meal and half all purpose flour. I'm still not comfortable making bread using only rye or whole wheat flour.

For further tutorial how to shape the couronne, I invite you to visit this blog: How To Shape Couronne Bordelais by Wild Yeast Blog

P/s:  I'm super excited as my Wild Yeast Sourdough Starter ripe today and ready to roll! 

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