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Sundried Figs

Another benefits living in old house, we are blessed to have lemon and oranges trees and figs.

Some figs on cheesecloth ready to be taken out for drying

Wash and clean the figs. And pat them dry. Don't forget to wear the gloves as the saps can make your hand itchy..
With a paring knife, cut to half or quarter. Arrange the figs on the cheesecloth on top of the wire rack. I used wire rack and baguette pan to make sure there's air flowing on top and bottom.

Hold the side of the cheesecloth with clothspins to protect from insects and birds! And we have a lot here!!

Place the rack on a table under a direct sun. And forget about it until the sun go down. Yes, you need to bring them inside at night.

Continue to dry under the sun until the figs are dried and no more juice when you squeeze it.
Store the dried figs in airtight container in the fridge. 

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