Mille-feuilles with Mousseline Cream

How old are you? Funny that when I went to our neighbourhood shop looking for a candles, I can't find anything with number that I want, so I just have to settled with this interrogation point.

When I asked The Other Half  what he wanted for his birthday cake, he definitely can't make up his mind. But he did wanted something french, so I proposed to him Paris Breast or Mille-feuilles, definitely he  can't decide as he loves both. And I told him that he will have to finish all by himself as the rest of us doesn't really like dessert.

To cut the story short, I decide for him and this is what I made today. A traditional mille-feuilles with mousseline cream, with loads of butter.

*For the puff pastry, I just bought from our local shop instead

So how is he now? 
I guess he will say "age is just a number"

  Joyeux anniversaire Darling..